The Glorp Corp

The Gloopiest of all the tribes. Glurt, Glomp, Torts, Slusho, Gurggle, and Dribbal live near the crust of the world, hanging with algae in sewer pipes and soiled diapers in landfills.


The MUNCHOS – SNAX, BERP and VAKA-WAKA – are a blast to hang with…if you can understand them. As they are always chewing something, it might be helpful to bring your own spit-guard for shelter.


The WELDOS – KRAMM, FORX and WUZZO – are the hidden workforce of Planet Mixel. Their entire existence is based on serving a singular function in relation to building or repairing things. Physically, they combine rock and metal to form every variation of mechanical tool.

The Frosticons

Meet Chilbo, Krog, Snoof, Flurr, Lunk and Slumbo from the Frosticons tribe.

The Lixers

Meet Spugg, Tungster and Turg from the Lixers tribe.

The Klinkers

Meet Gox, Jinky and Kamzo from the Klinkers tribe.

The Glowkies

Meet Boogly, Globert and Vampos from the Glowkie tribe.

The Infernites

Meet Flain, Zorch, Vulk, Burnard, Flamzer and Meltus from the Infernites tribe.

The Orbitons

Meet Niksput, Nurp Naut and Rokit from the Orbitons tribe.


Mixels are comical, mischievous creatures that live in tribes of three in a world where combining is king. They can combine within any one tribe to make larger, more complex Mixels, or cross-combine to gain abilities the other tribe has. All it takes is a couple willing, consenting Mixels and a Cubit, the magical square that finds a one-of-a-kind way to combine them.